James P. O'Donnell
Previous Work Experience:
  • MumboJumbo (all of 2007) - I worked at MumboJumbo after they acquired Ritual. Here I created casual game prototypes, learned to create Particle effects, did some minor programming - all while being an artist supporting various projects.
  • Ritual Entertainment (June-Dec 2006) - I worked for them as a contracted artist / intern. Within the first month I had learned to use 3DS MAX, and ZBrush. By the time Ritual was acquired, I had worked in the Valve Source engine, Unreal 3 Engine and made assets for 2 shipped games.
Games Worked On:
  • Upcoming MumboJumbo Title (MumboJumbo 2008) - For this game I did virtually all particle effects plus Main Menu (and potential box cover) graphics. I also flew to QB9 Studios in Argentina and helped coordinate efforts from there to the MumboJumbo studio in Dallas.
  • LUXOR 3 (MumboJumbo 2007) - I created a large number of the particle effects in the game as well as various art tasks and some light UI scripting.
  • The Office (MumboJumbo 2007) - I supported the team by creating various art assets.
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (EA 2007) I created various environment art assets, next-gen shaders and some level design (brush building and prop placement).
  • Various Prototypes (Ritual/MumboJumbo 2006-2007) - We made some prototypes to pitch to MumboJumbo. I helped by creating art assets and being involved in the prototype's game design.
  • Sin Episodes: 2 (Ritual 2006) - I was originally brought on to work on this game but it never got past pre-production. I attended design cabal meetings and made 3D assets.
  • B.A. Art (Minor: Computer Science) - Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)
  • Stephen F Austin High School (Sugar Land, TX)
Software Experience:
  • 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Z-Brush, CrazyBump, LightWave, Visual Studio C++.
Engines Experience:
  • Unreal 3, Valve Source, PopCap/QB9 Framework, MumboJumbo Engine.
Other Skills:
  • Able and willing to learn any / all software.
  • C/C++ coding (~8 years experience)
  • OpenGL Graphics language experience (2-3 years)
  • Understanding of Object-orientation, data abstraction, graphics, simple AI, and math.
  • Ability to develop game mechanics into a pitchable concept.
  • Comfort in creating / editing text files of scripting or raw data.
  • Can use level editors to place art assets and build brush geometry.
  • Experience with traditional art mediums.